On Songwriting

Thanks for checking in. This section will all be about songwriting…nothing more…nothing less. I’ll share any ideas that have helped me develop and hone my own songwriting skills over the years. I’ll also try & include songwriting experiences with several other writers I have collaborated with. Hope you find some of this both helpful and interesting. I’ll try to make new posts whenever I have a chance. Honest!

Making Time to Write/Establishing Good Work Habits

Make no doubt about it friends, songwriting is one of my greatest passions in life. Something I love deeply and cannot live without….like the air that I breathe.

With that being said, songwriting is usually the fist thing I think of when I wake up in the morning. I’ll start to work on a new song idea, try and finish a song, or totally re-write one I’m not happy with. I’m usually the most productive the first few hours of the day up in my studio with a guitar and strong cup of coffee (or two). That routine has served me well.
A lot of writers I know say they would love to write more but just don’t have the time. That was the same for me years ago, but found I had to make it a priority. Block out some time, no matter how much…even once a week. Main thing is to have it become part of your routine.

It does help to find a quiet place alone with no noise and distractions to write. Just you and your thoughts. If you can’t find that at home, find somewhere else to write. When you are alone driving can be an ideal place to work on song ideas. Just bring along some small portable recording device to capture your thoughts while you drive. If you really want to become a good songwriter you need to make time for it. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.

My Approach to Songwriting Today

Have to admit that my approach to songwriting has changed and evolved a great deal over the years. I think it has gradually transitioned to a very natural and organic process. I don’t force myself to write, only when I am inspired or find something that captures my curiosity. I write mostly about things I know and have experienced. Also about the experiences of others in my circle of life. When the muse is there, the ideas seem to just flow.

Also over the years my tastes and musical influences have broadened that have expanded the musical settings for my songs. Initially being primarily Bluegrass, and gospel, I now include the sounds of soul, blues, jazz and even reggae. No barriers, no limitations. Expanding my horizons has challenged me and help me grow as a writer. I hope this never stops, finding new and interesting ways to express myself artistically.