On Songwriting

Concept Albums

I’ve been working at writing songs for nearly thirty years to this point. I tend to write about things I am familiar with, and lean towards subject matter that resonates with me. At some point I came to realize that several of my songs had ocean themes and story lines. It’s not really surprising as I live only about thirty minutes from the ocean, and over the course of my life have spent a great deal of time along the NH and Maine shoreline. My family and I have had many life experiences that are in some way connected to the sea, some of which have found their way into my songs.

In looking over the lyrics to these “ocean theme” songs, I realized that they could potentially make for an interesting concept album. Something I’d really never considered before.  That was about 15 years or so ago. I checked around and could not find another recording project like the one I had in mind, so I became fascinated about the prospects. To make this a reality a few things would have to happen. I would need enough songs good enough to record, with various story lines and musical settings. Although I was off to a good start I still had a lot of work to do.

First I needed to “tighten up” songs I had already written, some of which needed improving. That involved months and months of editing and re-writing. Truth be told it was really a difficult task, but essential to create a really good recording. Some songs just needed minor changes, others I had to start from scratch… like The Rising Tide. I actually only kept the title and replaced everything else (words and music). The effort paid off as the new version was much stronger than the initial attempt.

Then I needed to add more songs to broaden the scope of the collection. So over the course of the next few years would come up with a new one here, a new one there. The trick was to find story lines that were different from the others I’d written. Eventually I had close to thirty “ocean theme” songs, of which we would pick twelve to record. Took a lot of time, a great deal of effort, but as I learned a long time ago you cannot put limitations on the creative process.

I selected  “The Undertow” as the album title, and turned my long- time friend Bob Dick to produce the new recording project.  Bob had produced & engineered my first Christmas release “The Season Of My Heart” and was very familiar with my writing style. Most importantly he understood my vision for this unique concept album. A key element was to establish the music setting and instrumentation appropriate for each of the story lines. We both had performed and recorded Bluegrass and Gospel music in the past, but this one required a different approach. It needed to have an overall “ocean feel”. Accordingly we didn’t pay attention to a specific genre, but what felt right for each of the songs. Although basically acoustic, we added piano, electric guitar, percussion and accordion to a few of the selections.  That gave the album a few more textures, and more variety of sounds.

From start to finish it took six years to create “The Undertow”, but was well worth the wait.  The performers included many of the friends that I had written with, performed with, recorded with in the past. Together we successfully created my very first concept album, a one of a kind recording, and hope folks will enjoy hearing this new collection “ocean theme” songs.