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IBMA World Of Bluegrass

Getting ramped up for the 2017 IBMA World Of Bluegrass business conference that kicks off Tuesday September 26th in Raleigh NC. Our IBMA Songwriter Committee has scheduled a record ten songwriter events at WOB this year including: A Songwriter  Showcase, Song Circles, Song Critique Session, Songwriter Mentoring, seminars on the essence of good songwriting,  Publishing, Copyright, Music Licensing, and much more.

One of the highlights will be our ever-popular “Songwriter Meet & Mingle”. This event offers a unique opportunity for IBMA Songwriters from all over the country to meet, interact and get to know each other. We have also extended an invitation to a variety of music industry folks who are connected in some way to songwriters including: PROs, Record Producers, Publishers, Song Pluggers, Recording Artists, and Successful Professional Songwriters.

This is a rare opportunity for songwriters to meet face- to-face with other writers as well as some of the Rollers & Shakers in the music industry.

I am very proud to say that Rick Lang Music will be sponsoring this exciting one-of-a-kind Songwriter Event this year.


“Nightbird” nominated for two IBMA Awards

Summer’s has officially arrived, bringing with it some really good news. Last week I was notified that “Nightbird” (a tune I wrote over two decades ago) was recently nominated for two IBMA Awards: Song Of The Year, and Album Of The Year. “Nightbird” was recorded by The Bankesters last summer, released by Compass Records first as a single late last fall, and the full album in January of 2017. Nightbird stayed high on several music charts all winter/spring, receiving strong radio AirPlay including SIRIUS XM. In addition, I co-wrote two of the other songs on the Nightbird album, “Wild Bill And Vivian” as well as “When I Die” with Melissa Triplett. Congrats to the Bankester family for producing a great recording and best of luck with the award voting.


“The Undertow” Recording Project Update

Last winter we made some great progress with a new recording project entitled “The Undertow …..And Other Mysteries Of The Sea”. This is a concept album we started a couple years ago, that will feature many of the New England area musicians and vocalists I have performed with, recorded with in the past. All the songs are ones I either wrote or co-wrote, and have some connection with the ocean. Living near the NH Seacoast all my life, I have always drawn inspiration from the sea, which in turn has worked its way into my songwriting. All the songs are based on true stories and real life experiences. Hoping to have the recording finished by next fall, here’s what we have so far.

Blood Red Sky – featuring Stephen Mougin
Widows Walk – featuring Rich Schleckser
Treasures In The Sand – featuring Ted DeMille
Young Sailors Dream – featuring Amy Gallatin
Shipwreck Of Love – featuring Stephen Mougin
The Marginal Way – featuring Roger Williams
Keep The Light Burning Abby – featuring Ted DeMille

Below is a photo of my songwriting buddy Rich Schleckser, and producer Bob Dick after recording the vocal track to “Widow’s Walk”.
Couldn’t be happier on how the album is sounding, can’t wait for you all to hear it. Stay tuned, more to come!

Rich Schleckser & Bob Dick

Songwriting Workshop at the 2017 Joe Val Indoor Bluegrass Festival

Excited to share the news that I’ll be back at the Joe Val Indoor Bluegrass Festival again this year teaching Songwriting. Date will be Saturday Feb 18th, time 4:00 PM. The focus of the workshop will be on Co-writing, a subject near and dear to my heart. The last few years I have been collaborating with other writers more than ever…..and really enjoying it. Got some really good new songs and a few cuts to show for our efforts. We’ll be discussing some of the advantages to Co-writing, choosing the right collaborator, various approaches & co-write arrangements, writing in person and via SKYPE, do’s and don’ts, playing a few song examples etc. Should be informative and a lot of fun. A big thank you to the hard working staff at BBU for having me back again.

New Logo

Feeling it was time for a change, over last couple of months, we’ve been busy designing a new music logo. With the help of our good friends at CatchFire Creative, we came up with one we are very happy with and plan to incorporate into our website, social media, on-line and in-print promotion etc. The new logo features four color options, with both a horizontal and vertical application. We are also planning to have some hats and t-shirts made up featuring the new logo by the summer. Hope you like it, please let us know what you think!


2016 Christmas Concert Tour

Our annual “Christmas In New England” Concert Tour will kick off its 13th season this December. This one-of-a-kind Christmas show features a seasonal blend of traditional, contemporary and original Christmas music performed with acoustic instruments and dazzling vocal performances by Blackstone Valley Bluegrass, Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams, Rick Lang & Friends (featuring Karen Lincoln Wilber). This year’s tour includes 5 concerts in three states…hope you can join us!

Friday December 2nd – Boxborough, MA
Saturday December 3rd – Northbridge, MA
Friday December 9th – Glastonbury, CT
Saturday December 10th – Brentwood, NH
Saturday December 17th – Newburyport, MA

For more information click on the links below:

2016 Christmas Concert Tour
2016 Brentwood NH Christmas Concert

New Song Cuts

A lot happening this month on the song cut front. It started out with Jeff Brown & Still Lonesone’s new release “A Distant Horizon”. Jeff and the boys did a bang up job on “Shadow In The Pines”, a song written with my good buddy Rich Schleckser. Had my very first cut by one of Bluegrass Music’s top vocalists Larry Stephenson. Larry’s new album “Weep Little Willow” included the very first song I wrote with Troy Engle “Best Laid Plans”. Most recently The Bankesters just released the single “Nightbird” the title cut from their upcoming CD, a song I actually wrote 23 years ago. I was surprised to learn the band also released a very cool video of “Nightbird” that featured the song lyrics scrolled against a late night background. The album will also include two songs I co-wrote with Melissa Triplett (Bankester) “Wild Bill & Vivian” and “When I Die”. Congrats to The Bankesters for great renditions of these and all the songs on their new CD due to be released later this fall.

Jeff Brown



IBMA World of Bluegrass

Getting pumped up for the 2016 IBMA World Of Bluegrass that kicks off on Tuesday September 27th in Raleigh NC. The IBMA Songwriter Committee has scheduled nine songwriter-centric events this year including: A Songwriter Showcase, Song Circles, Song Critique, and seminars on Co-writing, Publishing, Copyright, Music Licensing, and much more.
One of the highlights will be our newest Songwriter event: The “Songwriter Meet & Mingle”. Our goal was to create an opportunity for IBMA Songwriters from all over the country to meet, interact and get to know each other. We have also extended an invitation to a variety of music industry folks who are connected in some way to songwriters including PROs,Record Producers, Publishers, Song Pluggers, Recording Artists, and Successful Professional Songwriters.
This a rare opportunity for songwriters to meet face-to-face with other writers as well as some of the Rollers & Shakers in the music industry.
I am very proud to say that Rick Lang Music will be sponsoring this exciting one-of-a-kind Songwriter Event this year.

WOB 2016 songwriter track

Podunk Songwriting Workshops

I’m Excited to announce that I’ll be conducting a two part songwriting workshop at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival, Hebron CT this summer. The first will take place on Saturday August 13th 6:45 PM, the 2nd on Sunday August 14th at 11:00 AM. Each workshop will be approximately 1 1/2 hours in length and will cover variety of songwriting topics:

Workshop One: The fundamentals of good songwriting. Identifying elements of a good song. Developing good songwriting habits. Saving your ideas. Song concepts. Writing what you know and are familiar with. Song structure. Importance of a good melody. Creating an appropriate music setting for the story line. Infusing emotion into your song. Use of visual imagery. Importance of details in a song. Telling a good story…..and more.

Workshop Two: Taking your craft to the next level. Further improving and developing your songwriting skills. Who are you writing for? Discipline/quitting on a song too soon. Hard work & elbow grease. Importance of re-writing and re-working your songs. The value of co-writing. Writing beyond Bluegrass. Developing your own unique songwriting style. Song critique and evaluation. Song demos. Pitching songs. Goal setting….and more.

During the course of the workshops I will address and answer any questions you may have, play examples of songs that tie into the workshop topics, and offer a hand out of songwriting tips I’ve accumulated over the years. Whether you are a beginning songwriter, or have been at it for a while, I think the workshops will be well worth your time. Hope to see you there! www.podunkbluegrass.com

Rick Lang

IBMA Songwriter Committee
IBMA Songwriting Mentor Program
E-mail: rick@ricklangmusic.com
Cell: 603-944-2934
Web: www.ricklangmusic.com


“The Undertow” Recording Update

Well friends, very excited to let you know “The Undertow” recording project is really starting to take shape. We recently finished up the 3rd recording session at Bob Dick’s Appleland studio in Northbridge MA.
Cut “Lighthouse” and “Young Sailors Dream” with a full Bluegrass ensemble that included Dave Dick on banjo, Lincoln Meyers/guitar, Roger Williams/dobro, JD Williams/mandolin and Bob Dick/upright bass. Both tunes came out great and will be welcome additions to the album. The 1st session (recorded last fall) featured my good friend Stephen Mougin on guitar and vocals on “Blood Red Sky” and “Shipwreck Of Love”. The 2nd (recorded in March of this year) featured one of my favorite writings partner Ted DeMille singing and playing some terrific finger style guitar work on “Keep The Light Burning Abby” and “Treasures In The Sand”. We plan to record all summer/fall and hopefully have the album completed by the end of the year. Can wait to share this collection of songs with everyone!

Here’s a photo of Ted DeMille and Bob Dick in the studio before we started tracking:

RLM Photo

Back To Nashville

Well, winter is finally winding down and to shorten it even more I’ll be headed to Nashville shortly for a week of songwriting and music business stuff. Have a few songwriting appointments lined up with good friends and frequent collaborators Jon Weisberger, Stephen Mougin, Becky Buller, and Mike Scott, as well as first time co-write sessions with Nancy Cardwell, Milan Miller and Thomm Jutz. Should be a fun week. In addition to co-writing, I’ll be paying a visit to the IBMA headquarters, doing some song pitching, and working on arrangements for a new recording project. Despite a very busy schedule, hopefully will still have a little down time to relax, visit the Parthenon, and take in a meal at Joe’s Crab Shack. It’s been over a year since I’ve been to Nashville, really looking forward to connecting with everyone again. This trip is long overdue, can’t wait!

Here’s a photo of me and Mike Scott taken at our last songwriting session.


Songwriting Workshop at the Joe Val Indoor Bluegrass Festival

Dear friends and fellow songwriters: Glad to announce that I’ve been asked to conduct a songwriting workshop at the Joe Val Indoor Bluegrass Festival this year. It will take place on Sunday February 14th at 11:00 AM room TBA. We’ll discuss the different aspects of songwriting including various approaches to crafting a song, the benefits of co-writing, re-writing songs, honing and improving your songwriting skills, song demos, song pitching, and much more. Should be a lot of fun, hope you join us!



2015 Christmas Concert Tour

Our annual “Christmas In The Valley” concert tour will kick off its 12th season this December. This one-of-a-kind Christmas show features traditional, contemporary and original Christmas music performed with acoustic instruments and dazzling vocal performances by Blackstone Valley Bluegrass, Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams, Rick Lang & Friends. This years tour includes 6 concerts in three states starting on Friday December 4th in Boxborough MA. Hope you can make it to one of the shows.

For more information click on the links below:

2015 Christmas Concert Tour
2015 Brentwood NH Christmas Concert

IBMA Songwriter Mentoring Program

The IBMA Songwriter Committee has had a busy and very productive 2015. One of the programs that we’ve continued to develop is the Songwriter Mentoring Program. This is a one-of-a-kind program offered by the IBMA and is directed by Tony Rackley who has done a fantastic job overseeing this for the last few years. Over a dozen seasoned IBMA songwriters have offered their knowledge and experience to mentor beginning songwriters and help them develop their craft. This spring I was asked to join the program as a Mentor. During the summer I connected with my first Mentee Joel Schwelling. We meet once a month, as well as regular e-mail & phone contact. Things are going great and we’ve actually started writing songs together. It’s been a lot of fun and very rewarding for both of us.
Here’s me and Joel at a recent in-person songwriting session.

Joel Schwelling

Joel Schwelling & Rick Lang

Here’s What’s New…with Rick Lang Music

Rick Lang Wins IMEA Award-“Holiday Song Of The Year”

The IMEA annual awards show was held on Saturday October, 24th 2015, 7:00 PM at the Marietta Performing Arts Center, Marietta Georgia. The IMEA presented awards in various categories and several genres, honoring the very best in independent music & theatre. Award nominees as well as performers came from all across the US as well as abroad, a testament that this is truly an international event.

We are excited to share the wonderful news that Rick Lang was honored with the award For Holiday Song Of The Year. The song “That’s What I Love About Christmas”, co-written with Stephen Mougin, was the title cut of Rick’s new Christmas/Seasonal album of the same name, and released on RLM records Oct 7, 2014. Produced and engineered by Stephen Mougin (Dark Shadow
Recording) the award-winning track features: Annie Sellick, lead vocals;
Joe Davidian, piano; Todd Parks, bass; Chris Brown, drums.

“That’s What I Love About Christmas” also received an IMEA award
nomination for 2015 Holiday Album Of The Year.

The IMEA (International Music & Entertainment Association) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to honor and recognize the best in independent music, theatre and live entertainment, internationally.

Rick Lang

IMEA Award

IBMA World Of Bluegrass

Getting ramped up for the 2015 IBMA World Of Bluegrass that kicks off on Tuesday September 29th in Raleigh NC. The IBMA Songwriter Committee has several scheduled songwriter related events this year including: Song Circles, a Songwriter Showcase, Song Demo Listening Sessions, and seminars on Co-writing, Publishing, Copyright and music licensing.
One of the highlights will be a brand new Songwriter event the “Songwriter Meet & Mingle”. Our goal is to create an opportunity for IBMA Songwriters from all over the country to meet, interact, and get to know each other. We have also extended an invitation to a variety of music industry folks who are connected in some way to songwriters including: PROs, Record Producers, Publishers, Song Pluggers, Recording Artists, and Successful Professional Songwriters.
This a rare opportunity for songwriters to meet face- to-face with other writers as well as some of the Rollers & Shakers in the music industry.
I am very proud to say that Rick Lang Music will be one of a major sponsors of the new and very exciting Songwriter Event.
Details below.

Songwriter Meet & Mingle

The Undertow Recording Project

Well friends June is here and I couldn’t be happier. This is the month we are starting to record The Undertow project. Many, many years in the planning this is a new concept album centered around ocean themes. I have lived in the seacoast region of New England all my life. I have always drawn solace and inspiration from the sea. Eventually it weaved its way in and out of my songwriting over the course of the last twenty years or more. One day I became aware I had a growing catalog of songs where the settings or subject matter was about the ocean, and dreamt about someday recording this collection of tunes. I’m thrilled that dream is about to become a reality.

The working title is “The Undertow And Other Mysteries Of The Sea” and will be produced by my good friend Bob Dick at Appland Studios in Northbridge Mass. Bob produced my first Christmas/ Seasonal release “The Season Of My Heart”. Like the others, this new album will feature all original songs I’ve written or co-written. None have been previously recorded by myself or others. One unique element of the project is that all the performers, musicians and vocalists, are from the New England area. This includes a couple of my songwriting buddies Ted DeMille, Rich Schleckser, and several of the very talented folks I have had the pleasure of performing and recording with over the years. These are some of my very closest friends, and that is the reason this album means so very much to me.
The first session will happen sometime this month, and will keep you posted as things develop.

IBMA Songwriter Committee

The IBMA Songwriter Committee has been very busy the last few months creating our own page on the IBMA website. It will be called “Songwriter Switchboard”. This will be a place where writers can connect, and where we will provide a variety of features to benefit IBMA songwriters. This will include songwriter related articles and blogs, songwriter profiles, songwriting book reviews, upcoming events and other relevant information pertaining to the craft of songwriting.
“Songwriter Switchboard” will be a secure site, and is scheduled to be launched sometime this spring.
I have been a member of the IBMA Songwriter Committee for the last four years, and as a group have accomplished a great deal to further the cause of songwriting since its inception. We have established a Mentoring program, Songwriter Showcase and other songwriter events at the WOB, a Songwriter Of The Year Award, and have plans to do even more in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned…we’ll keep you posted


Bluegrass Unlimited Article: Stephen Mougin/Dark Shadow Recording

For several years now I have done occasional freelance writing for Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine. The most recent article is a feature on Stephen Mougin/Dark Shadow Recording and is due to be released in the April issue. Stephen got his musical start right here in New England playing with the Thunder Mountain Bluegrass Band. Since moving to Nashville in 2002, Stephen landed a full time gig as guitarist with the Sam Bush Band, established Dark Shadow Recording where he has become a well-known/respected engineer and producer. This led to starting his own record label DSR, and most recently was appointed director of the Bluegrass Music program at Bethel University. If you want to learn more about Stephen and his career in the music industry be sure to check out the article in BU.


Joe Val Songwriting Workshops

To all my songwriting friends. The Joe Val Indoor Bluegrass Festival is just around the corner and once again there will be some great Songwriter events on the program. Mark Simos, one of our area’s finest writers, will be holding a Songwriting Master Class on Friday of the festival. For anyone serious about songwriting, this is a wonderful opportunity and something you really should consider attending. Mark has a great understanding of the songwriting process, and is an accomplished teacher. He is surely someone you can learn from.

I will be involved with two songwriting workshops at Joe Val this year. One will be on co-writing with Dawn Kenney on Saturday, the other a Gospel songwriting workshop with Ted DeMille on Sunday. Hope you’ll be able to join us for one or both  of these workshops. Times will be posted on the BBU website as well as the festival program.

See you there!


Joe Val Bluegrass 2


Reviews Are Coming In!

“That’s What I Love About Christmas” seems to have made a splash out there in the music world….beyond any expectation we had when the album was released. This jazz flavored Christmas album was totally different from any recording I’d attempted previously and had no idea as to how it would be received. Fortunately we got some very good CD reviews, and will post a few here as they come in. A big thanks to the reviewers for their support of my music!

AirPlay Direct

Very excited to announce that after only three months after it’s release last October, “That’s What I Love About Christmas” made its way to the AirPlay Direct top 50 Christmas Albums Of All Time (#48 and climbing)!

http://airplaydirect.com/charts/albums/ALLTime/ H


“Follow The Tour” On Facebook

Here we go again! The 2014 Christmas In The Valley tour is off and running! The final rehearsal is behind us and we are ready to hit the stage. Five shows in three states starting in Boxboro Mass tonight (December 5th). This year’s program, featuring Blackstone Valley Bluegrass, Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams, Rick Lang & Friends, includes some fantastic new material and a few surprises sure to delight the audience. All of us are as excited as could be and raring to go! You can follow the gang from show to show on Facebook. We’ll be posting photos all throughout the tour on Facebook. Hope you can join us along the way!

Concert tour group photo

2014 Christmas Concert Tour

The 2014 “Christmas in the Valley” concert tour will kick off its 11th season this December. This one of a kind Christmas show features traditional, contemporary, and original Christmas music performed with acoustic instruments and vocals. For more information on the tour, click the links below.

2014 Christmas Concert Tour
2014 Brentwood Christmas Concert

“The Sounds Of Christmas”

This Holiday Season my new album “That’s What I Love About Christmas” will be an official sponsor of a wonderful internet radio program broadcast through Live 365 called “The Sounds Of Christmas”. In its 8th year, the station airs Christmas music 24 hours a day from the 1st of November through the New Year. Last season they reached an estimated audience of over five million with listeners in all fifty states and 130 other countries. “The Sounds Of Christmas” is run by Ken Kessler whose passion for Christmas Music is unmatched. Last October I was contacted by Ken, who had heard, and really liked several of the songs from “That’s What I Love About Christmas”. They will be playing cuts from the new Christmas release every day, along with an incredible selection of some of the greatest Christmas songs of our time. Be sure to tune in!

SOC tree

“Life’s Highway” – Bob Dick

Earlier this fall my good friend Bob Dick released his second solo project titled “Life’s Highway”. It is a fantastic recording that features some terrific material, and many highlights. Bob actually started recording the album over ten years ago. He was able to capture performances by Front Range back then before Mike Lantz untimely passing. Also, Bob traveled down to the DC area and recorded some tracks with three of his musical heroes Mike Aldridge, Tom Gray, and Ben Eldridge all of whom were members of the iconic group “The Seldom Scene”. This was surely destiny as Mike passed away within a year of those recording sessions.
Bob also recorded a couple of my songs on the album, which means a lot to me as they were part of our set when we used to perform together. One was “Rose Among The Thorns” and the other a Gospel number “My Lord Will Comfort Me”. This was the very first song Bob and I actually wrote together.
You can find out more about this wonderful new recording on Bob’s new website www.applelandmusic.com

Life's Highway

The album is out!

October 7 marks the official release of my 2nd Holiday CD “That’s What I Love About Christmas”. A year and a half in the making, The album features ten new original Christmas/Seasonal songs, and a whole new cast of performers. Very different than previous releases, this one has more of a Jazz flavor, and the feel of some of the Classic Christmas songs of the 40′s and 50′s. Produced by Stephen Mougin, “That’s What I Love About Christmas” features stellar performances by some of the finest jazz and acoustic musicians and vocalists in the Nashville scene including:
Annie Sellick, Aaron Till, Jana Mougin, Pat Bergeson, Joe Davidian, Stephen Mougin, Ron Block, Sierra Hull, Todd Parks and Chris Brown. The response so far has been terrific, hope you’ll consider adding it to your Christmas music collection!


That's what I love about Christmas

World of Bluegrass Follow Up

Had an incredible time at WOB. Was everything I was hoping for …and much more. Thanks to the IBMA staff for all the planning and hard work, making WOB 2014 one of the best ever.
The song circles on Wednesday afternoon were very well attended. Listened to some really good songwriters there I’d not met before. It was really a lot of fun….thanks to all who showed up and shared their songs with us.

The “songwriters on songs” seminar went over very well….really enjoyed being a part of that.
Panelists included Russell Johnson, Mark “Brink” Brinkman, Donna Ulisse, myself and Wayne Taylor. The room was pretty much full and their was lots of interaction and questions from the folks who were there. Each of us on the panel had an opportunity to present a song and tell the story about how the song came to be. Received lots of positive feedback from several of the attendees all week long. Thanks to Bob Webster for setting this up and including me as a panelist.

Got a nice surprise when my good friend and fellow songwriter Dave Morris asked me to tape a live interview with Bluegrass Today. They had their own room/studio set up on the 2nd floor of the Raleigh Convention Center. Dave conducted the interview himself and really enjoyed the experience and wonderful opportunity. We talked a little about the upcoming Holiday album release “Thats What I Love About Christmas” as well as plans for a story song project, being produced by Stephen Mougin, that we’ll be starting in December. Thanks to Dave, John and the staff at Bluegrass today for the exposure and interest in my music.

Have lots of follow up to do from WOB…I better get to it!

WOB 2014
Here’s me with WAMU’s Chris Teskey… All smiles

Headed to Nashville

This week I’ll be in Nashville for a week of songwriting and music business related stuff. I’ll be spending some time promoting our new Album release “That’s What I Love About Christmas”. Planning to stop by to visit some radio programmers and my publicist Shari Lacy at GoodStuff PR. Have a few songwriting appointments lined up
with some of my favorite co-writers that I’m really looking forward to. Also planning to catch up with my producer Stephen Mougin one day to discuss and plan a new album project we hope to start this December. More on that later. Almost forgot, will also be working on a couple new articles I am writing for Bluegrass Unlimited. It will be a very busy week for sure….really looking forward to it all!



WOB 2014

Getting ready to head down to the IBMA World Of Bluegrass in Raleigh NC. Can’t wait! Was not able to go in 2013 due to travel/schedule conflicts. I’ve heard nothing but great things from folks who attended WOB last year. The IBMA songwriter committee has several events planned for this years WOB. Glad to be a part of that. Be sure to check the schedule for rooms and times.

On Wednesday Milan Miller and I will be hosting song circles. First time for me but really looking forward to it. A great opportunity for writers to share their songs with others. If you are a songwriter be sure to join us.

On Saturday I’ll be part of a songwriting panel hosted by my good friend Bob Webster “Songwriters On Songwriting”. Other writers on the panel include Jerry Salley, Mark Brinkman, Donna Ulisse, Wayne Taylor and Russell Johnson. A pretty impressive group of songwriters, three of which are up for the IBMA Songwriter Of The Year award.

Will be spending a lot of the time at WOB networking, pitching songs, promoting the new Christmas album. It’s gonna be a lot of fun….hope to see you there!




Sept 16th marks the release date for NU BLU’s new album “All The Way”. Thrilled that they cut one of my songs “Rhythm Of The Train” …3rd song on the CD. The new album includes their smash hit single “Jesus And Jones” that features spectacular vocal performances by Carolyn Routh and Sam Moore (Sam & Dave/ ’60s Soul Music legends).

Be sure to check it out!

Rickster news nu blu photo

Story Song Album

Very excited about a new bluegrass project we will start recording sometime this winter. It’s been four and a half years since the release of “Look To The Light”. My how time flies. This one will be a collection of story songs I’ve written or co-written over the years. A concept album, the working title is “A Tale To Tell”. Stephen Mougin will be producing the new CD, and we are in the middle of the song selection process. Had about twenty two to choose from and have to narrow it down to 12. That’s been really, really hard…..believe me. We are hoping to wrap it up by April 1st, and planning to release late next year.

Stephen Mougin                              Will keep you posted.

GoodStuff PR

More good news! In May of this year I reached an agreement with Shari Lacy of GoodStuff PR in Franklin TN to handle the promotion of my new Christmas album “That’s What I Love About Christmas”. Shari has vast experience in publicity and is well respected in the field. We first met back in 2003 when she was on the staff at IBMA. Shari gave me lots of good advice regarding promotion of my 1st Christmas album “The Season Of My Heart”.

Shari is a great resource and has been a big help preparing for the upcoming release. GoodStuffPR


New Website

As you might have noticed, we’ve got us a brand new website and music identity: www.ricklangmusic.com. Thanks to my good friends at CatchFire Creative for the great work on the new design and look. Much simpler and easier to navigate. Added several new features, which I hope you find to your liking. Will be updating more frequently, hoping you come back to visit more often.

New Christmas Album… It’s A Wrap

I am thrilled to tell you we have recently put the finishing touches on a brand new Christmas album (my second) that is scheduled for release in November of this year. Entitled “That’s What I Love About Christmas,” this one has a heavy jazz influence…breaking new ground for me as a songwriter. Produced by my good friend Stephen Mougin, the recording features a wonderful group of musicians and singers from the Nashville area chosen for the project. The Yuletide Jazz Ensemble includes Annie Sellick, Jana and Stephen Mougin, Aaron Till, Pat Bergeson, Todd Parks, Chris Brown, Joe Davidian, Ron Block and Sierra Hull.

A year in the making, “That’s What I Love About Christmas” is one of the coolest project have ever been a part of. Truth be told I was not even planning on recording another Christmas record for a few more years. This was truly an album of destiny. Here is how it all unfolded. In the winter of 2013 I asked Stephen to demo a couple of my Christmas songs to add to my song demo catalog. After hearing the tunes he said they might sound really nice in a jazz setting. Stephen knew some really good players in the Nashville jazz scene…so I said why not give it a shot.

He then set up a session with jazz guitarist Pat Bergeson, bassist Todd Parks, drummer Chris Brown and Stephen would handle the lead vocals. Had no idea what they would sound like, but when I listened to the completed demos I almost fell off my chair. They were fantastic!

A couple weeks later I asked Stephen about the possibility if recording a full album with that same Jazz feel…he was all for it. Had to do some re-writing and re-arranging but came up with enough material to make it all work. The album was recorded pretty much live in three separate sessions. The harmony and background vocals were added later. A.J. Schubert took a lot of great photos during the recording sessions as well as filming two music videos. Can’t wait for you to here this new Christmas album. Will have more info as the release gets closer.