The Season of My Heart

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Going back to the earliest days of my childhood, Christmas and the winter season was perhaps my very favorite time of the year. My mind is still filled with many fond memories from those days; the fragrance of a fresh cut Christmas tree, images of frost on the windows, snow drifting up to the front door, icicles glistening in the sun, the glow of candles and colored Christmas lights, the wonderful sound of some of the old Christmas “classics” from the 1940’s and 50’s like “Let It Snow”.

Eventually I started writing Christmas/Seasonal songs of my own to try and re-capture the spirit of the winter season. In 2002 I asked my dear friend Bob Dick if he would produce a Christmas album for me. Thought I had about enough material at the time, but kept on writing, editing and re-writing until we were both comfortable going forward with the project. Along with Bob, Dave Dick, Roger Williams, Karen Lincoln and a few other friends, we created “The Season Of My Heart”, released in the winter of 2003. We were all pretty happy with the way it turned out…and still get a lot of wonderful feedback from folks to this day!