The Christmas Season

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Well December is here once again and the time when I start focusing on Christmas music. For the 15 years or so I have incorporated writing, as well as recording, Christmas songs as an integral part of my songwriting game plan. It is a niche I really enjoy and look forward to each season. The very first Christmas song I composed was “I Dreamed That I Was There”. That eventually led me to record my first Christmas/Seasonal album release “The Season Of My Heart” in 2003. Since then I have added new tunes each year building my catalog to more than 60 original Christmas/Seasonal compositions. To this point I have recorded about 1/3 of them….ten on the newest CD release “That’s What I Live About Christmas”. At some point I would like to demo some of these and pitch a few to artists looking for original Christmas songs to record. I also keep an ongoing list of new song ideas and try to write at least one (or more) new Christmas song during each winter season. I have better luck at it this time of year when there is snow on the ground and a chill in the air…..inspired by the Winter Wonderland. I also spend time every day listening to my very large collection of Christmas classics and personal Seasonal favorites for inspiration. Hopefully I have more Christmas/Seasonal songs in me….time will tell!