New Year…New Resolution

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Each January I always do some soul searching and a general review of the previous year, inevitably, making a few New Years Resolutions. This is also the time of year I look for sources of inspiration to ramp up and elevate my game. My focus right now is to find more time to write in 2015. That involves making songwriting a priority again, and an integral part of my daily routine and schedule. Like a lot of writers, I may start off with the greatest of intentions, but something always comes up to derail my plans.
I am going to fit in some time to write each and every day, and to collaborate more with other writers. In the last couple years I have created a growing list of new song ideas that I am very excited about. Trouble is I have not taken the next step and started to develop the ideas. Hopefully I can turn things around and have a more productive year with a lot of new songs to demo and pitch.
Last few years I dropped the ball pitching songs to bands. Plan to be more aggressive on that front as well. It’s good to have ambitious goals and set your sights high. A year from now I’ll look back and see how things played out. Time will tell!