Freelance Writing

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This winter I have kept busy working on some new articles for Bluegrass Unlimited. In addition to songwriting, I have always enjoyed other forms of creative writing. One of them has been free lance writing for Bluegrass Unlimited and other music publications. It started about twenty five years ago writing for Cuzin’ Isaacs Bluegrass Gazette, for the Connecticut publication Northern Bluegrass, and Candy Sawyer’s Bluegrass Guide. Also during that time I’ve written occasional feature articles for Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine, something I continue to do to this day.
The last couple of years I have focused more on songwriters including Jerry Salley, Donna Ulisse, and most recently started working up a feature on Becky Buller. The next article I’ll have published will be on Stephen Mougin and Dark Shadow Recording that is scheduled to come out in BU in the April issue. Hopefully there will be many more to come.