Children’s Songs

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For the last several weeks I spent a good deal of time re-visiting a
collection of Children’s songs I started back in the summer of 2012.
Inspired by time spent with my three granddaughters, I first
developed an interest in attempting to write children’s songs after
taking my oldest granddaughter Amanda for a ride in my row boat
on a nearby pond.
We somehow got stuck in some lily pads (bad navigation on my
part) and saw a frog on one of them, naming her Lilly. On our way
back to shore we started singing a song about that frog that we
finished when we got home. That’s when I got the bug. At that point
in time, for whatever reason, I started to see the world through a
child’s eyes and came up with lots of interesting song ideas. Some
were written by myself, some with Amanda and one of my other
granddaughters Abigail.
I continued to write every day that summer/fall, and ended up with
over three dozen songs in this new collection. Most of them I wrote
on a Uke which lent itself well to the style of music I was shooting
for. It recently occurred to me we should really find a way to record
some of these tunes. One thing led to another, and I am now in the
planning stage to record my first children’s album. The working
album title is “Walk Like A Penguin” ….which is the title of one of
the songs. Makes for a nice visual! Working on this collection of
tunes has been a lot of fun as well as challenging. It’s all new ground
for me as a songwriter. Still have some fine tuning and editing to do
to get them “recording ready”. Hope to start sometime in 2016, first
need to find a producer and place to record. That’s it for now, more
to come