Writing “Ocean Theme” Songs

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Seems like a lifetime ago when I first got the writing bug and began my journey to hopefully someday become a legit songwriter. In my early years I tried writing about themes that were popular, I thought people might enjoy hearing. Ended up with a lot of songs that seemed lifeless, with no emotion. For the life of me I could not understand why. Then one day I was given some good advice by a very successful songwriter…that changed my approach. He simply said “you should write what you know, or know about”. It was then when I realized what was wrong. I had spent years writing about things I really didn’t know anything about, or had experienced.
From that point on I did start writing about things I was familiar with. One of the themes involved the ocean. Living near the ocean all my life, it opened up the door to lots of great song ideas, some of which I developed over time, As a child I spent a great deal of time by the sea in the summer, and drew from some of those memories and experiences.

Some 25 years later I came to the realization that I had written a Collection of well over 30 songs whose themes had some connection to the ocean. It was obvious that I should consider recording a concept album including maybe a dozen or so of these numbers. Last fall the idea became a reality, and the creation of a new recorded work began.
The album’s working title is “The Undertow And Other Mysteries Of The Sea” . We’ve had three recording sessions to date, more to come, and are shooting for a release sometime in the summer of 2017.

Sing titles include:
Keep The Light Burning Abby
You Are The Air Beneath My Wings
Young Sailor’s Dream
Treasures In The Sand
The Rising Tide
Massachusetts Turnpike
Shipwreck Of Love
Rye Harbour
The Undertow
Blood Red Sky
Widow’s Walk
The Marginal Way

Here are the lyrics to “Rye Harbour”

Rye Harbour
@Rick Lang

At sunrise in the Harbour, you can watch the ships set sail
Feel the breeze of the water, and taste the salty air

Seaweed and bits of driftwood lay washed up on the shore
When it’s clear you can look out
…..and see the Isles Of Shoals

Seagulls hover overhead, you see them everywhere
The song they sing seems to fill the air

Ever since I can remember, this harbors’ been my home
Got sailors blood running’ through me
….It’s all I’ve ever known

Daddy used to take me with him, showed me how to knot a rope
Set the sail, adjust the riggin’
Chart a course….up and down the coast

There is nothin’ like the freedom of the open sea
No other place on earth I’d rather be

The sun sets in the harbor, to end another day
When you look out at the horizon
……it will take your breath away

The beacon from Nubble Lighthouse, will guide the boats to shore
The fisherman will weigh their catch
…and make their way back home

The evening tide rolls in to slowly wash away
Every trace it left from yesterday