“A Tale to Tell” Liner Notes

I have always been drawn to a good story song. It’s the story that hasn’t been told, lost, fell through the cracks, that always seems to peak my curiosity. In my travels I would occasionally run across a story line that would capture my attention, eventually becoming the focus of one of my songs. In some instances, I would purchase books, spending weeks of research before actually writing the songs, to explore the backdrop of the story. Family and friends knowing this, would introduce me to new story song ideas they thought would spark my interest. Over time I amassed a decent catalog of them, and it occurred to me they could make for an interesting concept album.

 I asked my good friend Stephen Mougin if he would consider producing the recording. He was already familiar with some of the material, and having demo’d several of the songs for me. Mojo had a great feel for how to arrange the material, establishing an appropriate musical setting for the story lines. Also, it helped that Stephen grew up in New England as I did, where several of the stories actually took place. Yet another connection!

We selected thirteen of the songs for this project, ones we hoped would appeal to whoever listened to them. Each was based on a real-life event or experience that resonated with us, and hoped would resonate with others as well. About half of the songs are solo writes, the balance collaborative efforts with some my New England songwriting buddies.

We assembled a stellar group of musicians and vocalists who did an outstanding job bringing these songs to life. This is one of the most amazing music projects I’ve ever been involved with. So very proud of the end result

I sincerely hope folks enjoy each and every track on “A Tale To Tell”, my first ever story song album.