Angels From On High Lyrics

Rick Lang

While shepherds watched o’er their flock and fought the winter chill
A new born Babe lay in the hay, the prophesy fulfilled

While up in heaven Angels gathered at their God’s command
One He’d choose to bear the news about the great “I Am”
….to the heart of man


A great bright light burst through the night the shepherds shook with fear
In the gleam, on snow white wings an angel did appear

Then proclaimed be not afraid “I’m heralding great joy
Born this night, the truth, the light, the one you’ve waited for
….the only Son Of God”


Al-le-lu-ia ….Al-le-lu-ia

One by one Angels followed singing songs of praise
Their voices ringing echoing o’er the hills and plains

Celebration, jubilation, filled the starlit sky
As dawn drew near then disappeared the Angels from on high
…..Angels from on high


Al-le-lu-ia …Al-le-lu-ia!

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