Bluegrass Holiday Lyrics

@Rick Lang/Evan Dickerson


There’s excitement in the air,
Christmas times is near
Got some kinfolk waiting
Just two days ride from here
Pack up the suitcase, lets hit the road today
Headed for Kentucky for a Bluegrass Holiday


Underneath the fluffy snow, we know the grass is blue
Each and every one of us is Bluegrass through and through
We’ll take out the instruments, Gonna make some noise
Pick some classic songs from Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys


It will put a smile upon your face, melt your cares away
Put a bounce in your step while the merry music plays
There’ll be mandolins, banjos, big old upright bass
We’ll have ourselves a Bluegrass Holiday


We’ll play “Christmas Times A Comin” “Footprints In The Snow”
Warm ourselves beside that old pot belly stove
Have some hot mulled cider while we decorate the tree
Celebrate the season with friends and family