Great Stone Face

Evan Richert / Rick Lang


Some saw a warrior, a powerful king

Overlooking their fields, protecting their dreams

But the young boy believed for all he was worth

The stone face was kindness, born of the earth


His father was ice, his mother the rain

The bitter cold ran through his granite veins

The great stone face was noble, his heart it was warm

But behind his face was a gathering storm

Chorus 1

He lived in a state of grace

Nothing could ever replaceā€¦.that great stone face


Then one moonless night with no one around

The great stone face finally crashed to the ground

Town folk looked up 1st light of dawn

Could not believe the old man was gone


The boy lived his life on that same mountainside

Gathered wisdom and kindness was known far and wide

As he grew older, people would say

He looked just like that great stone face

Chorus 2

He lived in a state of grace

Some think he was born to replaceā€¦..

That great stone face