Heartbreak Hill

Gathered at the starting place several thousand strong,
all able-bodied runners with a common goal.
From all corners of the earth and every walk of life,
they’d all come to run from Hopkinton to the streets of Boston.
And try to survive those grueling miles up Heartbreak Hill.

From when that gun is fired and they start the race,
you can see the desire in their eyes and on their face.
Proud to wear that number pinned upon their chest,
but only one would cross the finish line ahead of all the rest.
For only the best would stand the test of Heartbreak Hill.

Now your feet are sore and blistered and every body muscle aches,
but you keep fighting for position and try to set a winner’s pace.
You do your best to match the others step for step and stride for stride,
And all the aches and pains fan the flame that burns deep inside.
And your eyes can’t hide… the frightful sight…of Heartbreak Hill.

Now when you hit ” The Wall ” you’ll see if you’ve got what it takes.
That hill’s been known to be the turning point of many a race.
So, you reach down deep inside to find the strength to go on,
and the only sound you hear is the beating of your heart.
And you’ll swear that time… is standing still… up on Heartbreak Hill.

Now they raced against the distance and they raced against the time,
listening for the sound of footsteps coming from behind.
Some were running just as strong with a few more miles to go,
While others lie there helpless on the ground beside the road.
And now they know… the gripping hold… of heartbreak hill.