Henry Clayton Parker

(Rick Lang/Jon Weisberger) Haley Anna Music (BMI)/Use Your Words Music (BMI)


He’s never been inside a church one day in his life

But Henry Clayton Parker saw the light

A man of little means, righteous in his deeds

He always knew the wrong way from the right


He believed salvation was something that you earned

Sunday mornings Henry could be found

Reading from the bible to the people passing by

From a park bench in the middle of the town



Some look for religion behind a stained glass cross

Kneeling at the alter, to find their peace with God

There’s more than one way to be saved from Henry’s point of view

You don’t have to be inside a church, when you got the church in you


Let me tell you brother you’re in a holy place

Anywhere you’re talking to the Lord

If you live like Henry it don’t matter where you pray

Heaven knows you’ll get your just reward