Home Made Christmas Lyrics

Rick Lang

I’m out here in the back yard lookin’ for some pine boughs
For that Christmas centerpiece
Sister’s makin’ snowflakes out of scraps of paper
To decorate our Christmas tree

We’ve been hit by hard times, but that can’t take away
The spirit or our holidays


We’ll have a homemade Christmas, one we never will forget
We’ll have a homemade Christmas, it’ll be the best one yet
Our homemade Christmas

Grandma’s on the sofa knittin’ on a sweater, to protect us from the cold
Daddy’s in the woodshed building a toboggan, that will glide right through the snow

Everything this Christmas will be made by hand
We’ll make the most of what we have



We may not have money for those store bought presents, like we did in Christmas’ past
But any gift that we get will be even better, cause we made ’em all by hand



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