Rick Lang/Rich Schleckser

Midnight out on the stormy deep, heavy fog rolling in
Unknown dangers lie between, this wooden ship & dry land

I see the lighthouse up ahead, to these eyes a welcome sight
Like an arm the beacon reaches out, to guide me with its light
…in the dark of night

Many times I have set sail, to many port-of- call
Many times I have lost my way, but the lighthouse leads me home
…leads me home

I’ve sailed into unchartered waters, with just the stars as my guide
Far from my wife & my daughters, I’ve felt the loneliness inside

I’ve seen the sun set into the sea, the constellations in the sky
I’ve seen shipwrecks in the reefs, I’ve seen grown men cry
…the tears in their eyes

*2nd & 3rd CHORUS
No matter how rough the waters, no matter how great the storm
No matter how long the journey, the lighthouse leads me home
….leads me home