Looks Like Snow Lyrics

Rick Lang

Laid down for a cat nap when I heard the forecast coming from my radio
Clouds are movin’ in, I’m telling you my friend…it looks like snow!
Got up on the double, got to find the shovels…they’re calling for a… foot or so
The signs are very clear …you can feel it in the air…it looks like snow


Girls and Boys are schemin’, with their eyes a gleamin’
Hopin’ that they’ll…call off school
While their folks are contemplatin’ the work that will be waitin’
Outside… when the storm is through

Before I go outside, better start a fire
Put on my hat and overcoat
There’s a chill in the air, “you can see your breath out here”
And..it looks like snow

Can’t count all the reasons, why I love the winter season
When it snows there’s magic in the air
There’s skatin’ on the pond, snow angels on the lawn, and sleigh rides over hills & dales.

And man it sure is fun catchin’ snowflakes on our tongue
Dressin’ up like Eskimos
Now there’ll be no more waitin’, or anticipatin’
Cause it looks like snow


And later on tonight, we’ll turn down the lights
And watch the fire as it glows.
But for now we’d better hurry, it’s startin’ to flurry
And…it looks like snow


You won’t hear a sound as it falls to the ground…
It looks like…it looks like snow!

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