Massachusetts Turnpike

Rick Lang

Just outside of Boston, off the Gloucester shore
He’d set sail on the fishing boats every day at dawn
The work was hard, the pay was poor, and the days they were so long
Standing at his father’s side, he weathered every storm.

But he heard a voice inside him that would just not go away
A restless urge for leavin’ that grew stronger every day
He packed his clothes and all his dreams, set out on the road
And “teary-eyed” he said farewell…to the ones that he loved so.

Massachusetts turnpike, oh what a sight for sore eyes
Winding through the Berkshires like a ribbon in the wind
In his rear-view mirror, as the past fades out of sight
Massachusetts turnpike…guide him safely through the night.

Five long years he drifted like a ship lost out at sea
The rainbow he was chasin’ always seemed just out of reach
For every lesson that he learned there was a price he had to pay
His ideals and all his hopes were lost…somewhere along the way.

Late one night in his dreams, he heard the seagulls call
He could smell the salty ocean air and hear the waves crash on the shore
Now he didn’t have one thing to show for all the miles that he had gone
But he knew what he’d been searchin’ for…was right there all along.

Massachusetts turnpike, you’re like a long lost friend
He never thought he’d be so glad to see you once again
His spirit may be broken, but don’t give up on him
Massachusetts turnpike, take him home again…
Massachusetts turnpike, take him home again.