My Daddy’s Shoes

When I was just a boy of eight, nights our dad was working late
Quietly I’d sneak into his room
In the closet on the floor, some of the shoes that he wore
I tried on every pair a time or two
…my daddy’s shoes

Even though they didn’t fit, I’d walk around in them a bit
Pretend that I was him for a while
Go get out his fishing pole, cast out the line on the cellar floor
Thinking back, can’t help make me smile

1st Chorus
Just wanted to grow up fast, become a man just like my dad
Do everything that he learned to do
There’s no one could change my mind, so determined at the time
I was as stubborn as an old gray mule
Thought someday I could fill my daddy’s shoes

Our dad was known far and wide, I looked up to him with pride
He had more friends than the cross ties on the tracks
Always there to lend a hand, when there was a need he’d jump right in
Give you the shirt right off his back
….that’s my dad

Our dad served in the war, sailed on a ship to foreign shores
Found some medals in his dresser drawer one day
Wooden flag red white and blue to honor the hero that we knew
Placed in the ground of his final resting place

2nd Chorus
We didn’t always see eye to eye, or take the same path through this life
We found some common ground that got us through
Since the day he passed way, I tried so hard to take his place
Always done the best that I could do
But I know I’ll never fill my daddy’s shoes