Running For The Glory

It started out a hundred years ago, with eighteen runners on a narrow dirt road.
Their story traveled all around the world, and now the rest is history.

They ran from Metcalf’s Mill in Ashland, all the way to the streets of Boston.
To see who’d stand up on that winners platform, and wear that laurel wreath of victory…
They were running for the glory.

Oh you could tell their hearts were really in it, they pushed themselves right up to the limit.
It truly lifted up the human spirit, oh it was a sight to see…
When they were running for the glory.

Along the sidewalks and out on the lawns, crowds of people waved and cheered them on.
The streets of Boston how they came alive, with a lot of heart…and a lot of pride…
When they were running for the glory.

The next day it made the morning headlines, ahead of all the violence and the street crime.
Someone ran the course in record time, and so goes the story…
When they were running for the glory.

Now every year on Patriots Day, they still come to Boston to run in that race.
With hopes held high for victory, for tradition’s sake…And for a place in history…
They keep running for the glory.