Sunday Morning Gospel Jubilee

(Rick Lang/Jeff Walter) Haley Anna Music (BMI)/Jack and Jenny Music (BMI)


Sonny wasn’t one to tolerate no preachin’

You wouldn’t catch him dead in any church

Huntin’ and a fishin’ well that was his religion

A six pack, and old red flannel shirt


But Sonny was a sucker for some down- home singing

A joyful sound with four- part harmony

One Sunday morning flipping through the TV shows he happened

To stumble on the Gospel Jubilee



Sunday Morning Gospel Jubilee

Songs about the man from Galilee

Clap your hands, tap your toes and sing along with me

On the Sunday Morning Gospel Jubilee


He jumped up of the couch, and his feet were a movin’

Before he knew it he was singing too

There was something ‘bout the song, he couldn’t put his finger on

But he could feel the message coming through

On the….




Now Sonny gave his life Jesus Christ last Sunday

Proclaimed his faith for all the world to see

He was lost but now he’s found, he turned his life around

And it started with the Gospel Jubilee