The Marginal Way

Down by the ocean… on the south coast of Maine
There’s a long winding path… they call the Marginal Way
My darlin’ & I first met there when we were both young
And as we walked along…oh how we fell in love

There’s an old saying… that I’ve come to believe
There’s a certain romance… that comes from the sea
It doesn’t matter if you’re young or you’re old
Join your hearts together and watch your love grow

Could be the smell of the cool salty air…that affects you like a perfume
Or the sound of the waves as they serenade you…beneath the silvery moon
Ooh…it puts you in the mood

We still go back there…time and again
Like so many lovers…to re-kindle the flame
It’s been 29 years…to this very day
When I asked for her hand there on the marginal way

I still remember that look of surprise…when I gave her the ring
And I must confess that when she said “yes” …oh it made my heart sing
That’s how it happened just like I’ve heard ‘em say
When we fell in love on the Marginal Way