The Undertow

Rick Lang

They say love is like the open sea
Where waters run wide and they run deep
Her well-kept secrets and her mysteries… no one will ever know
Beneath the waves out on the ocean floor
Lie troubled waters where the current’s strong
If you’re not careful your heart might get caught …out in the undertow

I’ve been drifting on this sea of love
Fading fast, and barely holding on
My last ray of hope is almost gone but… that’s how the story goes
I’m trying hard to keep this love alive
But only time will tell if we’ll survive
I’m sinking fast, down and down I go…caught in the undertow

Waves of heartache keep on rolling in
I’m wonderin’ if I’ll sink or will I swim
Throw me a lifeline and pull me in…safely to the shore
Now once again my heart is on the line
Come tomorrow will you still be mine?
Is there a chance or am I wastin’ time…I need to know for sure.