Toodleoo, was all he’d ever say as he would go

and he knew they’d meet again somewhere down the road

he’d crack a smile and wave when you said “hi”

But he never said goodbye

Everyone knew grandpa, were glad to see him come

He’d brighten up their homes while he’d get the wire run

He’d whistle Oh, Susanna and Goodnight Irene Goodnight

Replacing the oil lamps with Edison’s new light

With his wife Fedora, and three children of their own

He was the strong foundation of a simple, loving home

And even when his oldest son was called by Uncle Sam

Grandpa couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye to him

As it sometimes happens he left the world too soon

He’s up there with the angel band whistling a tune

But, for a little boy of 6 it’s hard to understand

Why I’d never get to see my Grandpa again.