White Dove of the Desert

Nestled in the land of the tall Saguaro
Lies a little village San Xavier Del Bac
Out on the border where the only law and order
Came from the sharp edge of an arrow…hot bullet from a gun

Riding with the wind came Francesco Kino
Wearing a black robe, Bible in his hand
There he’d build a mission, in that barren desert
To teach the Christian way of life…. and save the souls of men

White Dove of the desert
Built with loving hands
White Dove of the desert
Bring the Holy Word…to that heathen land

With faith as the cornerstone and God their foundation
The work was completed in nearly three years time
Tall cathedral ceilings, oh it was rich with beauty
Its outside painted white… as the clouds up in the sky

When that mission bell would ring the faithful would gather
To learn about the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
Kneeling at the Alter, each would light a candle
And let the Padre’s words…. feed their hungry souls