Widow’s Walk

Rick Lang/Rick Schleckser

There’s an old abandoned house down by the Gloucester shore
Where they say that widow Hawkins died in 1924
The wife of a sailor whose ship was lost at sea…
Caught out in the wildest storm this port has ever seen

On a cold October morning they kissed their last goodbye
She handed him her picture to keep there at his side
Her young voice was tremblin’ as she spoke these parting words
“Each night I’ll light a lantern and watch for you return”

She stands upon the widow’s walk, her eyes turned to the east
Lookin’ for her lover’s ship out on the rolling sea
Her loneliness grows deeper as each night passes by
And the wind blows off the water to the seagull’s mournful cry

Then one night without warnin’ came the howlin’ winds and rain
The helpless ship was swallowed up by the mighty waves
As she held up the lantern, tears welled in her eyes
Hopes were growing dimmer her Sailor was alive

One day she found a bottle washed up on the sand
Inside there was a note written by her true love’s hand
He said “our ship is sinkin”, and I’ll see you nevermore
Until we meet in Heaven, upon God’s golden shore”