Young Sailors Dream

Rick Lang

Claire was a young lass of just seventeen
Black hair like velvet, and eyes of deep green
She lived in Buckhaven by the banks of the sea
A vision of beauty, a young sailors dream

Baine was a sailor, at home port on leave
His ship had dropped anchor, after twelve weeks at sea
In a small seaside tavern, by chance they would meet
The lad fell in love with this young sailors dream

1st Chorus
Together they walkedon the shore hand in hand
Stopping to write their names in the sand
He held her and promised while he was at sea
That she’d always be this young sailors dreams

One warm summer’s night Baine bid Claire farewell
When the new tide came in, his ship would set sail
Her heart was heavy asto him she turned
She swore she’d be waiting ’til the day he returned

2nd Chorus
Once more the would walk on the shore hand in hand
Leaving their footprints, behind in the sand
He gave her a necklace, made of pearls from the sea
It looked so lovely on this young sailors dream

Three months to the day the sad news she received
Baine’s ship had gone down in the rough Scottish seas
Claire’s heart filled with sorrow, tears fell from her eyes
His mistress the ocean, had claimed her young sailors life

3rd Chorus
Now each day Claire still writes his name in the sand
But it washes away as the tide rushes in
She clutches that necklace at night in her sleep
And reaches for Baine, she’s his young sailors dream
Forever she’ll be, his young sailors dream