Song Demos

Welcome to my Song Demo page. I’ve been writing “full time” several years and have developed a deep catalog of Secular, Gospel, Christmas & Seasonal songs. I’ve had several of my favorites demo’d and are making them available to bands, artists looking for songs to perform and record. Also to anyone who has an interest in hearing them, learning more about my music & approach to the craft of writing songs. Downloads of any of these as well as the song lyrics are available on request. Just e-mail me at:

Thanks so much for your interest, it really means a lot to me.


More About My Songs & The Song Demos

Utilizing a diverse range of song concepts, melodies and lyrics, I spend hours each day trying to improve, hone and fine tune my songwriting skills. I strive for originality, write what I know and am familiar with.
I try to write songs that are genuine, real and believable, based on true stories and real life experiences. Most importantly I try to pour emotion into my songs. When someone hears one of my songs, I want them to feel what I was feeling when I wrote the song.

Some people ask why I go to the effort, and expense of recording song demos. Great question! To me good song demos are worth their weight in gold. A great song demo effectively sets the mood, captures your vision for the song, establishes the songs identity . Sometimes a phone work tape simply cannot accomplish that. I have a few “go to” demo friends who have an incredible gift for interpreting your song utilizing their years of experience and knowledge of the music industry . You may want your song to be old timey, traditional or contemporary Bluegrass, jazz, swing, southern gospel, Christmas/Seasonal. A good demo can take your song in whatever direction you have in mind. Growing interest in my songs/ music can be credited in part to a well produced demo. Hope you enjoy listening to some of the ones I’ve included here.

If you want to know more about my song demos, get lyrics to any of the songs, or have any questions about the songs, please send me an email at